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Some of our installations

Dorset PV swap

Called in to look at underperforming PV system, poorly installed by a now disappeared company back in 2011- with little account taken of shading issues. We swapped out the panels and fitted solar edge optimisers to help get a better yield.


Underfloor heating & new floor - Stockholm

We spent a couple of weeks just outside Stockholm - fitting a full ground floor UFH system atttached to exisiting heat pump, completely refloored & we also did some stud partitions - and fitted a new window and front door!


Solat Hot Water - campsite shower block - Wales

We fitted a 20 sq M solar thermal system to provide hot water for a campsite shower block/toilets/washing up. Due to the high demand in summer months this is a great use of SHW and we've done several similar in recent years.


Wood burning convector stove - Dorset

Woodwarm convector stove to provide space heating in small studio flat, one of three we have fitted at this vast split property.


Solar PV & swimming pool heat pump

Twin solar PV system, one with optimisers as shaded by huge tree! Also fitted a ultra quiet swimming pool air source heat pump and a new highly efficient pool pump.


Solar PV - futureproofed! - Dorset

We had already fitted a wood pellet boiler to this property & added a 4kw solar pv system. We also fitted brackets to the roof of an extension built - ready for possible increase in panels.


Solar hot water - Passive House - Wales

We added roof integrated SHW system to give mains pressure hot water for this self build Passive House.


Biomass pellet boiler - Gloucestershire

Top of the range Austrian pellet boiler with bespoke hopper and we built the cedar clad shed to house it all too!

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